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May 19, 2015

By  Jeff J Hunter

SEO videos are one of the most requested items for pages or posts – and yet so many people do not have an idea about how to properly manage videos on a website. There is a phenomenon called “bounce back”; this occurs when someone visits a website and immediately leave the page. The biggest cause for these ‘bounce rates‘ is videos that play immediately.

I know that a lot of marketing consultants encourage their clients to have videos start to play the moment the person is on the site. There are two major problems with this: 1) There is no fast way to adjust the volume of a video is it starts up before the page is fully loaded. 2) The recurring bounce rate causes the entire website to fall in rankings. This ultimately is not good for a marketing strategy.

What is terrific marketing strategy is to create informational videos with “factoids” that can also be made into images as well. This re-uses the same seovideos content without technically being “duplicate content”. (This is a big part of Onsite SEO Step By Step.)

How To Embed Videos In WordPress

WordPress makes it easy to embed videos. You can just paste the URL of the video you wish to have on your site into the text on its own line. This is a simple process that does not give the video much pizzazz. A better way to embed videos into your pages or posts is to use a WordPress video widget. You could always get some help by our virtual secretary team if you are out of time.

There are many widgets available. It is recommended to use a video widget that is responsive so that it can look nice on mobile phones, too. As mobile phone are the main method for searching websites these days, it is very important to take this into consideration.

Do not forget to include the controls to the video so that the user can start and stop the video at will. How you embed your seovideos expressly depends on the plug-in you are using, if you find this necessary for WordPress installations.

Why Consider A WordPress Video Manger?

Being the mobile traffic is over-taking desktop traffic, videos play an important role in that. You may need a video manager. There are many ways of strategically handling your videos.

First, you want to have a video sitemap in place that helps the web crawlers find your information. Second, you want to use the various video sites properly. A video list manager plug-in is also recommended for very visual sites.

For example, you should host your own videos on your site on their own pages or posts. You should put any classroom type videos on a more secure site like Vimeo (especially for paid content!) but don’t use it for seovideos – you want those where the masses can find them.

Contrary to popular belief, YouTube links of your own material to your site does not do as much as it used to, so use YouTube to post teasers of your full video posts on your website. Also, use your channel to create playlists of videos within your niche by other experts in your field.

As part of strategic outsourcing, you are going to want to delegate the task of creating content for the video descriptions, transcripts of videos, time stamps of the content in the videos, as well as reaching out within the video communities to ask questions about your niche. (As of now, YouTube still allows for keyword stuffing in the description of the video – not recommended anywhere else.)

SEO Videos Can Be The Star Of Low Bounce Rates

Videos are a fast way of delivering information through audio and sound. The nature of how videos help your site has changed tremendously over the years to plug some of the exploitation of the search engine algorithms. Because video content is expansive, it really depends what the content is for as to the placement of the video.

A video that is engaging causes the user to stay on the site for longer and reduces bounce rate. Also, not having a video play upon page load also helps with bounce rate.

Remember: Do not put any membership content that a user pays for on any publicly accessible site. Videos should have title attribute SEO just like SEO images. Once your images and videos are put into the content of the page or post, then next step in the puzzle is to organize SEO tags with a keyword strategy for your seovideos.

How would you go about placing your SEO videos around the web? Please comment below.


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