Onsite SEO Writing Tips 

May 14, 2015

By  Jeff J Hunter

SEO writing is a skill set that goes beyond just normal content writing. As with the title and the URL address for each page and post on your site, you will need to pay close attention to how the content in your site is formed.

If you are just coming into this article, I would go back and read Onsite SEO Step by Step to know what is part of this series. If you are doing SEO content writing in real time, make sure your SEO URL is up to par before saving your work.

What Is Content Writing?

Content writing is creating information that is for the audience of your article. Most writers are content writers. If takes an extra edge to become a SEO content writer, and this article is about giving you the knowledge to make it happen for you.

(This article is part of an extended series starting with Onsite SEO Step By Step.)

Creating SEO Friendly Content

As you are working through this series, you can see there is a pattern to the articles. The steps I am about to show you is exactly the method I use for creating content for my clients. This is the most efficient way I know to get this done. (I am going to refer to the research completed in Keyword Mapping To Form Relationships.)

Gather Your Data Mine

Below is what my text file looks like when I go to write an article. I start off with what my focus is, where I am coming from, where I am going, and important factors to keep in mind as I go.

[Starting Example]
Primary Keyword:offshore outsourcing
Secondary Keywords: examples of outsourcing; outsourcing sales; fair collections and outsourcing
Important Articles To Link To: Outsourcing IT; offshoring vs outsourcing
Outgoing link: “offshore business process outsourcing” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Offshore_outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing (the primary keyword) needs to be defined as the first sentence in your article. You also need to follow-through with a secondary keyword towards the beginning of your article, like this: Many companies are taking advantage of offshore outsourcing by cutting their labor cost by outsourcing sales tasks.

There are many companies that outsource their industrial technology needs to offshore companies that are located in India, Pakistan, and the Philippians. By outsourcing IT logistics, businesses are getting a huge edge!

Offshore Outsourcing History
Once boats were invented, offshore outsourcing became a way of doing businesses. As you can see, you want your primary keyword to be in at least on subheading tag. All through the ages, outsourcing work to assistants (like a modern day virtual assistant team) was a way to do business effectively.

Examples Of Outsourcing Today
Examples of outsourcing includes: virtual assistants, subcontractors, and temporary agencies; these can be both onshore and offshore outsourcing. Putting a secondary keyword in both the subheading and the content is a very good thing to do.

Outsourcing Sales and Service
When it comes to outsourcing sales and service, it is important to spend the time to find a quality outsourcing staff. It is a very good idea to find someone who speaks our native language who is a part of that business. Communication is very important.

Offshore business process outsourcing is a huge component to how businesses are functioning across borders and territories not even dreamt of in decades past. Who would have thought in the 1960s that the trade embargo from Cuba would have been lifted this year. In the middle of the text, you need to toss in another primary keyword like this: Offshore outsourcing is trending towards internet related jobs and services because these are accessible all over the world.

Your Currency Or Mine
Maintaining accounting across borders if another tricky subject. When trying to get payment arrangements made with international currency, ‘fair collections and outsourcing’ laws are a big concern for companies that participate in offshore outsourcing.

Offshore Outsourcing Is Worth It
Now, at the end of the article, I try to sum up the points made above. If I have missed an opportunity to create a link, I do that now. The next article is going to discuss the pros and cons of offshoring vs outsourcing.

At the very end, I ask a question using the keyword one last time. What are some of the difficulties you have when doing offshore outsourcing? Please comment below.

[End Example]

SEO Content Writing From Home

One of the best perks of online content writing that is specialized for SEO is that I can work from my home or even at the coffee shop. It is very freeing to be able to do this. Online content jobs have fallen into my lap so easily since I learned how to write with this system. People think that SEO content writing is very important to their websites.

What if you don’t know how to start content writing? The biggest roadblock that people have is not doing the keyword mapping before trying to write the content fully. It is so much easier to know what you are supposed to write about rather than look at a blank screen trying to come up with the first line. SEO writing requires strategy. (This strategy includes how to use website categories properly, which is an article all to itself.)

Some people are inefficient with writing even if they have a strategy. They have other great skills, but sitting down to create an article is not one of them. This is where these leaders need to delegate their work to people who can get the job done. VA Staffer is a very important resource for strategic outsourcing.

Completing The Mission

Once the body of the content is finished, it will be time to work on another important aspect of writing: the SEO meta description. In the next article, we are going to discuss how to use this properly, how to take advantage of the search engine rankings, and what you should actually put into a meta description.

What have you learned about SEO content writing for your online content writing jobs? Please comment below.


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