VA Staffer Update: Team Building in the Philippines 8/17-8/28 

August 13, 2015

By  VA Staffer

Greetings Everyone!
In less than 24 hours I’ll be on the longest stay I’ve had in the Philippines since we started VA Staffer. The trip going to be action packed, we have training, team building, and more than likely a little staff Karaoke ahead.
When we first launched our Makati office in Metro Manila area of the Philippines, it was three team members in a large three bedroom penthouse converted into an office space. Since then, we’ve grown to 10 team members in the office and now 25+ staff in total.
We’ll be conducting business as usual, although we will be mixing in some hands on training in the office with myself and others flying in from parts of the world.
Since launching our Makati HQ February of this year we have added the following:
  1. Three separate and redundant broadband internet providers with up to 24MBPS internet speeds.
  2. Tripled our staff as a whole with focus in Metro Manila and Davao.
  3. Upgraded our webserver to a dedicated server for faster integration of our website and project management tool (PMT).
  4. We’ve sent several of our staff to Inbound Marketing Certification for our new direction of internet marketing methodology support.
  5. Started implementing Social Media Dashboard solutions for our clients’ social media campaign monitoring.
With that said, we’re announcing a new client freeze as of last week in preparation and anticipation for our training activities and team-building. Some of our team building activities will involve mental, physical, and even audible activities to grow our team’s English, Teamwork, and Customer Service Relations.
First order of business will be replacing all our photos on the website with fresh current ones. our team has grown significantly, and I’m excited to showcase our talent. We have added most of our new team members to our Virtual Assistant Team page – please feel free to check out the new team members.
Thank you, and PLEASE pray for our team,
J Hunter
Virtual Assistant Dependent
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