A Virtual Sales Assistant can help you target people interested in your products and services. Here at VA Staffer we have laser sharp focus on specific demographics to locate the best leads. We can use multiple platforms to ensure you’re getting the quality lead generation you need to keep your pipeline full of opportunities.



A Sales Assistant can research company directories, Linkedin, ZoomInfo and Search Engines for a specific target market.


Input company and contact information of leads into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software like or ZOHO.


A Virtual Sales Assistant can schedule calls and appointments for your sales team.


A Sales Assistant can organize and clean up your existing leads to keep them fresh, and remove duplicate leads.


Send out emails or other forms of communication to connect with potential customers.


Help manage your schedule, and set reminders for follow-ups.


A Virtual Sales Assistant can free up your sales team from administrative tasks, and keep them focused on closing deals.

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The biggest benefit of having a virtual sales assistant is the cost. It’s very affordable to hire our VA Staffers to handle your sales leads and customer relationship management. It’s very time consuming to do all the work needed to keep your database fresh and up-to-date. We can help reduce the valuable time spent by your sales team by taking away those daunting tasks that they don’t want to do anyways.

Another huge benefit is that there’s no overhead compared to an in-house sales assistant.

A Virtual Sales Assistant Doesn’t Need:

An office, or desk – we work virtually, and we have those 🙂

Employee Benefits.

Taxes or other payroll expenses.

You’ll also get a dedicated project manager assigned to oversee that your operations are moving along smoothly. Communication is very important to our clients, and we know it is for yours as well.

Think of what your sales process can do when we free up those time consuming tasks.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Sales force outsourcing is not a new idea. It has been a widely used strategy in small and big businesses alike. Virtual Sales Assistants, Sales Agents and Resellers are the most common set ups in sales force outsourcing.

This industry has been transformed by the rapid surge of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) requiring Sales Force Outsourcing to be strategic alternative to indirect networks as well as sales representatives.


Sales force outsourcing is not a new idea. It has been a widely used strategy in small and big businesses alike. Virtual Sales Assistants, Sales Agents and Resellers are the most common set ups in sales force outsourcing.

Virtual Sales Agents

A sales agent markets products on behalf of a company. We recommend adding a commission basis in addition the hourly Virtual Sales Assistant wage. When delving right into retail or manufacturing, sales agents can market multiple products and help build your contacts. One might believe that sales force outsourcing is an alternative to an in-house sales force – Yes it is a feasible solution but this also has its own limitations.

The field of expertise of a virtual sales assistant is based on a defined market that depends upon the location or the market of a specific industry. They will need extensive products training on something out of their previous industries.

Virtual Lead Generation Assistant

You also need to make sure you have laser sharp focus on an existing market or you’ll run into a bunch of people who are not interested in it. (You can also use these Lead Generation Techniques with Virtual Assistants)

An additional benefit of sales force outsourcing is for you to have a larger coverage area. You might not have the resources or manpower to be on the hunt for your target market – that’s something we can do for you to save your organization both time AND money.

Our Sales Force Outsourcing Organization

Having an internally sales force, your company will be able to have command over its markets, rates in addition to selection of clients. This arrangement can be a huge advantage over other companies and competitors in the exact same market.

The Virtual Assistant and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector is growing, sales force outsourcing is becoming most of the cost effective option to work with your internal sales force. Unlike when it comes to using sales agents as well as suppliers/ resellers, you still have command over the target audience, sales activity, as well as prices.

It is like having an internal sales force without needing to fork over much funding money. Our Philippines based Virtual Sales Assistants can handle much of your sales processes like sorting leads, making sure they have accurate contact information, and keep your leads up to date.

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