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How Dreamers Become Doers | Being an Entrepreneur 


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The Dreamers versus Doers

The topic for today is ‘How Dreamers become Doers.’ This is actually part of the Inc Magazine. This has been one of the best episodes so far and I’m really impressed with it. I think they went overboard a little bit on the statistics. We’re going to talk about some statistic in here. 

There is a ton of people we all know that have amazing dreams and really great ideas but they’re not doers. They’re not doing anything! You’re not going to find out if it’s a great idea if you don’t do it. So this article right here ‘How Dreamers become Doers’ is amazing. It’s an amazing write-up. It has some really cool statistics and I’m gonna share with you guys. I think the main reason why it has a big impact on me is because most entrepreneurs already know this information. But it’s really great to have validation for the things that we think.

The Entrepreneurial Family Tree

The Entrepreneurial Family Tree

The Entrepreneurial Family Tree

The Family Tree is talking about entrepreneurial families. It doesn’t surprise entrepreneurs that most entrepreneurs say that their parents were entrepreneurs. Inc magazine’s poll says that “48 % of the entrepreneurs interviewed said that their parents were entrepreneurs.”  Do you understand how valuable that is? This is about what we instill in the next generation. That’s how important this is. Business is something that is passed down generationally and it’s proven that 48% are from the parents. Here’s an even crazier statistic, “30% say it’s from their grandparents.” So it’s even vital that you’re even passing that information down to your kid’s kids. So between the parents which you is 50% and the grandparents at 30% that’s just incredible. on! Don’t have any kids? Aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings also have their slice of the cake. It’s really a family affair. It’s really impressive to see how entrepreneurship runs in the family.

Family Members as Role Models

They did that interview of 500 CEOs in Inc magazines 500 and most of them are second generation Entrepreneurs and many of them citing other family members as role models. Think about that. That’s really important. I mean this is this is how Life works. We have to be instilling the next generation but it’s not just about the Dreamers, It’s about the Doers.

About the Doers 

This is a really interesting focus group that they had at their Inc 500 and it talks about how you’re collecting information about your products or services. I was blown away by this actually. I was very intrigued to find that out of this focus group “56 % of the company feedback they’re receiving is from Social Media.” That is freaking huge! If you’re not using Social Media for your company in today’s age, what are you doing? Read the statistics. 56 % of Inc’s 500 said that they’re getting most of the data about their customer service and their products feedback from Social Media. Wake up! If you’re not on social media and you don’t have a presence out there, you’re a ghost. Nobody even cares. When people are trying to find a product or service especially a service if you’re a coach or a service based business, people want to see if you’re the real deal. They want to see if you’re legit. They’re going to look you up online and they’re going to look at your social media accounts.


My Personal Branding Experience on Social Media

You guys have been seeing I’ve been blowing up my own branding –  Jeff J Hunter. Why Jeff J Hunter now instead of just J? Guess what? I found out the hard way I couldn’t market or monopolize the letter ‘J’. Unfortunately Sesame Street has that one on block. I’ve had to resort back to put my first and my middle name together ‘Jeff J’. It’s a marketing decision. It’s purely a business decision. Sometimes we have to make hard ones. I’d rather just be ‘J’ but it’s impossible now because I can’t market it.

Biggest Challenges of Entrepreneurs

It says that “45 % of the 500 Inc said that attracting and retaining talent was the biggest challenge that they face today.” It’s ahead of outside distractions and internal growth.  This is ridiculous.

Look at the stuff that companies are giving away trying to attract people.

  1. Health Care – they’re trying to get people free health care benefits.
  2. They’re trying to get people free food and other in-office amenities.

Discipline in Work from Home Jobs

Interestingly enough here’s something that I want to knock on your door about. This is something that every person should think about especially when you’re looking at like work from home jobs or entrepreneurs that work for themselves compared to people that have J-O-B’s. There’s nothing wrong with the J-O-B. Money is Money. The reason that most people are working from themselves now is the same reason why these Inc 500 companies are saying that their employees want. Most of their employees want to work from home. INC 500 CEOs are saying that 65 % almost 70 % of their employees would rather work from home.  There’s a reason why everybody wants to work from home is because they want to work from home.

The problem is that from my experience the reason why I have not one (1) but now two (2) virtual assistant offices in the Philippines is because a lot of people say they want to work from home but the reality is they just want to be at home. They don’t want to work. It takes a really different type of personality to be able to have a stay at home job or work from home job because you have to have the discipline. A lot of people like discipline. If you don’t believe that Americans don’t have a discipline problem, obesity is rampant. I’m fat, there it is. It’s because I lack the discipline. I have a gym membership. I go sometimes but not enough. Even when I do go, my problem is I like to eat. I don’t have the discipline to monitor myself. When I did lose all my weight it was because I had like literally pre-designed meals for an entire four (4) months. I lost 70 pounds because I had everything planned out for me. I couldn’t splurge like I had in the past and I didn’t go out. That’s how it works.


Marketing your business | Facebook Live 

Why people dream? And why people do? You can use the technologies released in the last couple days to do that. I’m transitioning now into the news that happened this week, even since before I planned to use this magazine as part of my Whiteboard Wednesday. I want to tell you a little bit about LIVE. Video period hands down is the future. Live video is absolutely by far the best way that you can market your business. Now that facebook live has released their platform. They’ve just released this on the app. Anytime you go live, people get notified. Now, there’s a designated stream. If you go on Facebook now, you can actually see on your facebook feed –  LIVE. Whoever is actually LIVE on your friend’s list gets pushed up to the top. Is that ridiculous? The recordings from people that were live are down below. That is huge. If you want to get seen, that’s how you do it.

The LIVE functionality

I want to show you the spectrum of social that I’m personally using. Periscope just got purchased not too long ago by Twitter. Unfortunately, they moved awfully slow. I’m assuming because it was an acquisition. There were multiple teams and software integrations to get dialled in. It was probably a disadvantage. Facebook on the other hand already started doing facebook live functionality. So what they did was they hurried up and moved it over. They purchased Instagram.  Facebook live does a huge update on Facebook and then BAM! Yesterday, Instagram publishes their update and now Instagram has a live mode. Now you can log in and you could actually go live from Instagram. This is a twofer. We talked about dreaming now we’re going into social media live.

Social Media Marketing 

All these Social Media platforms are fighting for each other and they want to promote the live content. You are getting free promotion on live content. If you go live, you are going to have more video views and your content is going to get seen more than if you upload a recording. That is a statistical fact proven over and over again. If you post the video online or if you actually go live, you’re going to have more views. Twitter just today released their Live. Now when you hit the compose button, at the very bottom there you can see the live option. That’s in the Twitter App.

Don’t get mad guys if you don’t have the ability to LIVE on Instagram. Now here’s the thing, Instagram isn’t going to actually be able to record anything that you do. It doesn’t on LIVE. You do get popped up to the top of the Instagram feed for all your friends. So if you have a lot of connections on Instagram, you’re going to get to the top. People are going to see your story. So it depends on how big of a following you have.

Now Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Periscope, which is part of Twitter, are all doing LIVE.  Now Snap Chat just released ‘Snap Chat Goggles’ or ‘Snap Chat glasses’. They call them spectacles. I have a feeling they’re going to step it up and I think they’re going to be going LIVE. You’re going to have people walking around with glasses LIVE. Seriously that’s just you know that’s what I’m saying. Today was about Dreamers and Doers. I would like to just applaud all of you for becoming a Doer. If you’re a Dreamer, that’s great. You’ve got to dream but you got to do! So start doing and God bless. 

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