Whiteboard Wednesday: Focus - How to get more done? S2E11

Stay Focused to Get More Things Done!   Watch the Video here: I Get More Done Because I Stay Focused!   Today I'm gonna talk a little on How to Stay Focused and Get more things done. Entrepreneurs suffer from what we…

Whiteboard Wednesday: How to KNOW when you're READY for a Virtual Assistant S2E14

Are you READY for a Virtual Assistant? Watch the video here:  Is a Virtual Assistant a Good Fit for You? I've been launching my 9010 Life course. I've been busy getting everything together for that. Most recently, I've been getting…
Whiteboard Wednesday Episode 13

Whiteboard Wednesday: How DREAMERS Become DOERS in 2017 S2E13

How Dreamers Become Doers | Being an Entrepreneur  Watch the replay here:   The Dreamers versus Doers The topic for today is 'How Dreamers become Doers.' This is actually part of the Inc Magazine. It has been one of the best…

Whiteboard Wednesday: What We SHOULD or SHOULD NOT Do as Entrepreneurs? S2E12

What We SHOULD or SHOULD NOT DO as Entrepreneurs  Watch the replay here: Delegation Worksheet [table] Hate,Shouldn't Do,Struggle,Value Social Posts,Expenses,Funnels,One-on-one coaching Emails,Graphics,Memberships,creating new products…

Whiteboard Wednesday: The Power of Storytelling S2E10

Storytelling | How it Relates to Business   Watch the replay here: What's Your story? This is really important in business today. Your story prepares your clients for what they should expect with regards to your business. When they…
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Whiteboard Wednesday: Podcasting Goals S2E9

Podcasting Goals Watch the replay here: 00:00:39 What is a Podcast? Podcasting is a very popular tool that industry influencers utilize. Podcasts are industry specific and vary in frequency. Also, they target different audiences as…
Whiteboard Design Process
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Whiteboard Wednesday: Whiteboard Design Process S2E8

Whiteboard Design Process Watch the replay here:   00:48:00 Other Uses of the Whiteboard Apart from the use of the whiteboard for 'Whiteboard Wednesdays', it is used for a multitude of things especially Web Design. You can use…
Space Age Sales Funnel Automation
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Whiteboard Wednesday: Space Age Sales Funnel Automation S2E7

Space Age Sales Funnel Automation Watch the replay here: 04:36:00 – What is a Lead Magnet? A lead Magnet is a free offer that websites provide to draw you in and earn your value and your trust. If you are new to Lead Magnets, then…
Whiteboard Wednesday Episode 6

White Board Wednesday: The POWER of Social Media S2E6

The POWER of Social Media for Customer Support  Watch the replay of the video here: Social Media and How it Leads to SALES The power of social media for customer service is demonstrating that you have the ability to generate sales.…

Whiteboard Wednesday: Influencers Vs. Followers S2E5

Influencers Vs. Followers Watch the replay of the video below: WHY is this important? If you are a business owner and no one knows about your business or your product, then basically whatever you do is worthless. Who are you going…