Whiteboard Wednesday: Linkedin Hacks S2E2 

September 23, 2016

By  Jeff J Hunter

3 Linkedin Hacks to Grow Your Network WITHOUT PAYING

 Watch the replay of the video below:

Hack #1


Why do you want to grow your network?:
The more people you have on your network means that there are more people who view your profile and look at the things you share. The more connections you have – the more people who view what you offer. When you initially log in, you will see the section that talks about keeping in touch with the people already on your list. Complete all of those and let contacts know you care.
Once that is complete you will then be prompted to people that you may know. These are connections of connections – people that you might know. This is very important because you want to connect with the right type of people. Screen people as much as you’d like. Spend 10 minutes daily doing this.



Hack #2


Open up your linkedin via mobile. Got to connections > people you may know. Just click the add button next to the people you’re interested in. If you’re not interested click the x. It’s that simple.
What’s the value in this?
  • This is how you attract new business by having more views on the things you post.
  • Bigger audience/network an increase in growth.


Hack #3

Before you do this

  1. Go to your profile and clean it up.
  2. Make yourself a very professional LinkedIn account.
  3. You need to have the right copy on there to make sure that it is something engaging. This is your online resume.
  4. You can also arrange how the content is outlined.
  5. Ensure you get some recommendations for your job. How? – by asking.
  6. If you have really great connections and people are happy with what you do. They will write them up. Don’t put anything fake on there. Just be real. If you haven’t created value with someone to where they will be willing to write a recommendation for you, then that’s where you need to start.

How to use Linkedin to GROW your network and get MORE SALES

Tips To Increase your REACH
  • How to add connections FAST on Desktop/Laptop[
  • How to add connections FASTER on Mobile
  • Which contacts to add, and why?

Why is LinkedIn Useful?

There are a few great things that Linkedin can be used for. Linkedin has a vast network of professionals. They have said that the average person on LinkedIn is in the 10k bracket. These are people who have money – people you can market your services to. These are good clients. If you are targeting the right people like C Suite executives depending on your product, it could be very lucrative.
I know people who have made a lot of money on LinkedIn just by copy write services for resume writing. Resume writing is huge. People want to get a great job and to get there you need a great resume. The reason why we get into business is to make money. Starting using LinkedIn is the right way to increase your sales

Final Thoughts

First, you need to get your profile up to par. Ensure that it looks good and presentable – really professional. Highlight who you are, what you do and why you’re trying to connect with them. What value you bring to these connections. Copy and paste a few blog and add them on there.
If you’ve been in the news about something…add the link. Establish yourself and provide credibility. If you’re not their connection they will never see your stuff. You can make connections without actually knowing them. You just need to make sure they are quality connections like potential buyers or people that will view the things you do.
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Jeff J Hunter

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