Have Your VA Create a List of Leads


Establish a comprehensive database of potential clients, partners, or collaborators, facilitating targeted outreach and business development.


Define the criteria for the leads you are seeking. Specify parameters such as industry, job titles, geographical location, company size, or any other relevant factors. Specify the goals of lead generation, whether it's for sales, partnerships, or other business objectives.


Utilizing online platforms, industry databases, and other sources to identify individuals or organizations that match the defined criteria. Organize the information systematically, including key contact details.

Example: Ask the VA to scrub the followers on your facebook page and get their Facebook account, location, phone number, or email address


Organizing the information in a structured format, updating contact details, and categorizing leads based on their potential value or stage in the sales process. Implement a system, such as a Google Sheets Tracker or CRM tool, to manage and track interactions with leads.

The VA will track all leads generated in the tracker or whatever system you're using. Constant updating of details such as email address and phone number must be observed.


Regularly monitor the lead list for any changes or updates. This involves checking for new leads, updating information, and removing outdated or irrelevant entries. Stay informed about any developments with the leads, such as changes in company status or personnel.

When looking for contact details your VA can make use of plug-in tools such as:


You can improve this by refining search criteria, exploring new sources for lead identification, or optimizing the organization of the lead list.

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