Have Your VA Find Leads on LinkedIn


The goal of having your Virtual Assistant (VA) find leads on LinkedIn is to expand your professional network, identify potential business opportunities, and enhance your outreach efforts.


Clearly define the criteria for the leads you are seeking on LinkedIn. This includes specifying the industry, job titles, location, company size, or any other relevant factors. Provide your VA with a clear understanding of your target audience or ideal connections.


Instruct your VA to make a complete list of potential connections using the criteria you've set. They should search on LinkedIn, check out profiles that match, and put together a database of potential connections. Also, create ready-to-use scripts so your VA can easily reply when someone responds to your messages. This makes the process smoother.

Example: Thank you for connecting message - How would you want to thank the lead for accepting your request
Call to Action Message - Explain your service and how it will benefit the lead

Your VA will then build the list of leads in a Google sheet with the information that you asked for.


Closely manage the leads effectively, this includes organizing the collected information, keeping track of interactions, and maintaining a systematic approach to manage the leads efficiently. You can create a Google sheets tracker or you can consider using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools to streamline lead management.

Your VA will update the tracker from the most recent connections, to responding to new messages or queries, then to updating of contact information, and forwarding closed deals to you.


Regularly monitor any relevant posts made by your leads to keep the engagement going, this will ensures that you and your lead list stays up-to-date, and you stay informed about any changes in your target audience.

You VA should continue with the engageement by liking and commenting to you lead list post


You can further improve this by refining search criteria, updating the lead management system, or exploring new strategies to identify and connect with high-quality leads. Regular feedback and communication with your VA are essential for ongoing improvement.

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