How to Become a Published Author in 10 Easy Steps 

March 20, 2018

By  Jeff J Hunter

What has inspired your resolve to want to have your work published? Although you aren’t a writer, are you hoping to

  • have a book for credibility  
  • achieve expert status
  • make more money
  • share your message with the world?

The good news is you don’t have to be a writer to create a book, even a bestselling one! If you can talk you can do it!

Here’s How…

Step 1. Do the Marketing Research.

Go to and find the keywords and phrases. Also, ensure that these words get between 10,000 and 100,000 clicks per month. Anything larger is too generic and anything smaller doesn’t get enough clicks to make you a profit.

Step 2. Consider Other Books on Your Intended Topic.

If you intend to be a published author, you need to be aware of what others have already said. Awareness of the content of others can help you to focus your content on an alternative angle. Go to Kindle, Read the reviews. Find out what has already been done. Additionally, you should also find what readers want, but haven’t been done.

This provides you with the opportunity to create something fresh and unique. Then, decide what keywords and categories are best for your book. (For help getting started, grab a copy of my free  Kindle Planner at

Step 3. Write your Title.

Women look at the title first so make sure it catches their attention. (Men tend to look at it after they’ve scanned the cover.)

Use the best keywords and/or phrases in your title so that it is easy to find. It should be catchy. Also, your title should be easy to remember and be sure to share the main benefit. If the title doesn’t include the main benefit (s), be sure to add them to the subtitle.

Additionally, use buzz words for more exciting titles. These are words that potential buyers respond to like, “Secrets, ” How to”, “Love”, “Massive” and many others. (You can Google them to find the best ones for your title. You can also find books of these words in bookstores and libraries.)

Step 4. Create an Outline for Each Chapter 

Flush out your chapter titles and add the points to be covered in each chapter. Include brief sentences to note the topics covered within each chapter.

Step 5. Create Your Book

Now that you’re ready, turn on your recorder and start talking each chapter,  point by point. You can use Instant Teleseminar. It’s what I use because it is so dependable and easy to use Also, you can use GarageBand with MAC or Sound Forge with a PC, or Audacity.

Step 6. Have Your Recording Transcribed.

You can send it out to iDictate or Fiverr, or use a computer program. Dragon Speak Naturally, is such a program. However, you will have to train it to recognize your voice before you can use it.

Step 7. Start Putting It Together.

Add your table of contents, limit of liability, copyright, call to action, and any other additions you want to add like a dedication, acknowledgements, etc. You’re only three simple steps away from becoming a published author.

Step 8. Have It Professionally Edited.

We offer professional editing that is first rate at:

Step 9. Create Your Cover or Have It Done for You

If you want to do it yourself, I recommend Canva at It is easy to use once you get the hang of it and it is free to start. Also, you can upload your own images or buy templates inexpensively from them. If you need help, I created an instructional manual you can purchase at

For higher-end designs,  I recommend Pixel Studio FX, which has both flat and 3D templates. They have great tutorials that are easy to follow, and the software is very affordable. 

Step 10. Have It Formatted or Do It Yourself.

The best formats for Kindle are mobi or ePub.

Smash words has a step-by-step guide that you can download from Kindle at . Or, let us do it for you. You can also use Fiverr.

Follow these 10 steps and you’ll be on your way to becoming a published author!

No writing required. And you can outsource a lot of it if you don’t want to do it yourself or don’t have time to do it. So what are you waiting for?

About Ellen Violette

Ellen Violette is a book writing, marketing, and business coach and creator of the Bestseller Business Blueprint. She is also a 6- time bestselling author, two-time eLite Award winner, recipient of the ” Be the Change Award”, Grammy-nominated songwriter, and regular contributor to a Published Magazine.

She has been coaching since 2004 and has helped many thought leaders, coaches, independent professionals, speakers, and authors become recognized experts and high-income earners. For more information, go to


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