SEO Maintenance Critical Steps 

April 30, 2015

By  Jeff J Hunter

SEO maintenance is a very important step that is often neglected. It is not good enough to just post articles and ignore them. This is actually one of the biggest complaints users have! Especially, when it comes to giving instructions.

SEO Maintenance Steps For Content

1) Make sure to do a site audit every 3 months.
2) Look for out of date instructions or content that no longer applies (like an employee that is no longer with the company).
3) Make sure that all comments have been responded to. If not, do this right away!
4) Re-look at the categories and tags. Are there now better matches for the content?
5) Keep a list of the latest keywords used handy. If some of these keywords fit nicely into archived articles, create a link to the newest material.
6) Clean up any out-going links (especially affiliate links) if they are broken.

Website Maintenance

1) Make sure that your plug-ins are up-to-date. Caution: This may break your site, so make sure you have all the backups you need.
2) Take a new backup.
3) Add any of the newest plug-ins you plan on using for content.
4) If something breaks, go restore your primary backup; then up load plug-ins one at a time until something breaks (so you know which plug-ins are causing conflicts).
5) If nothing breaks (or you have fixed the new plug-ins), then save the entire site again.
6) Every 3 months, I would recommend doing a full backup of everything related to your site.

Library Versus The Books

Picture a library in your town.

Most backup systems for website are geared towards saving the content. This is equivalent to scanning and saving every page or every book. And this is a good archive of your contents!

Going further, there are backup systems that take measurements of everything. These back ups take the books, the layout and material of the shelves, the location of the ink pens, the photocopier, the fire extinguishers, and even the layers of concree that the library rests on. This kind of back up is extensive, and it could take a few days. That is why it is recommended to do this once every 3 months.

Getting The Right Tools Together

1) Recognize that unless you have been trained properly, this is not a task you should take on.
2) Ask an expert you trust who they would hire to fix their system.
3) Make sure that your expert is leaving notes in the comment sections of the backup the contents of the backup.
4) Make sure that your website does not have too much data. If so, make sure the site is not hosted on a shared hosting service.

No matter what you are building, whether on or offline, you need to make sure you have the right tools. You also need to make sure that you know how to you your tools. You need to know who to go to when hings are over your head. And last, you need to use the tools that you have.

So many businesses forget that the website is a tool. It is a versatile tool which builds loyal customers from curious users. If you give the users what they want, then they will become your customers. The methodology is so simple, but most businesses do not do this because it takes time. However, the businesses who take their websites seriously and use it as a tool as the ones who are the winners in business competition today.

Fixing Up The Goods

It is a matter of getting the best SEO strategy for a new website before you begin. If you already have a website in place, it is a matter of getting the former posts fixed with reverse SEO strategies (consult an expert). No matter where you are on this scale, the website is the most powerful tool you have – so use it!

Regardless, whether you have a new website that you are building or an older one you are updatings, you are going to need to see this review next.

There are many ways to go about the SEO strategy for a new website (or an established website). What are some steps that you’d take to do proper SEO maintenance on your site? Please comment below.


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