Strategic Outsourcing And Team Building 

May 8, 2015

By  Jeff J Hunter

Strategic outsourcing is the process of getting the maximum value out of a process by extending employment to team members outside of your core employees. Building a team of virtual assistants that are available to take on tasks is very important.

Develop A Chain Of Command

Just like creating your keyword battle plans, there needs to be a chain of commend developed for outsourcing work. There needs to be someone on the inner team that is in charge of effective communication along with someone on the outsources team that is in charge of getting things accomplished for your company.

When creating your keyword hierarchy, you chose a General, some Captains, and Soldiers for each Squad. This was the basis for knowing the flow of information needed for content. In the same manner, a hierarchy is needed for outsourcing business tasks.

It is sad to say that most companies that say that they did not have a good experience with an outsourced company usually falls on communication barriers. The importance of having a chain of command structure for virtual assistants is very important. There is a trust factor that is built up over time. For example, J Hunter is the head of VA Staffer, and he runs two teams – one in the Philippians and another in the United States.

Because of communication issues, a lot of virtual assistant companies have died out. The ones that have become successful are the ones that understand how the process of working within a structured chain of command works.

And just like keyword mapping, it takes a lot of work to develop the process. Once the process is created and vetted, making the connections is as easy as linking phrases together.

If a virtual assistant company is less than 6 months old, they are at risk of failure. Sad but true. It is not a good idea to put all of your eggs in this basket. Would you trust a company with your blog, SERPs, and SEO meta descriptions?


Battle-Ready Deployment Of Virtual Assistants

After the chain of command is developed, training is the next hurdle for outsourced employees. The communication barriers are easy to work through if your use the principals of delegation. It is important to find people that can easily translate complicated instructions into efficient processes.

VA Staffer is an incredible example of this power of delegation. They have been over-taking many other virtual assistant companies because they have both fluent English/Spanish team members that are motivated to do a great job for their clients. The great advantage is that the minimum engagement to work for this company is a high standard – and only the best of the crop remains on the staff.

Maintain Accountibility

The other big hurdle people have with outsourcing tasks is who is accountable. It is incredibly difficult to control people’s actions, but someone should be responsible that these tasks get accomplished. If that person cannot do their job, put someone there who will.

On the flip side of this, some people are made responsible for tasks without having the resources. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy of non-compliance. You cannot expect someone to be able to do a job without the tools to do so.

Again, this is where VA Staffer shines. The company puts a huge effort in making sure the staff has the tools they need. Sometimes, those tools are expensive software. VA Staffer just works smarter – not harder.

Strategic Outsourcing Increases Efficiency

By putting your tasks into the hands of capable outsourcing companies, it increases the efficiency of the entire business operation. Why have your innovators doing repetitive tasks that only suck out their creative energy? That is not efficient!

Why pay an engineer (who would rather be working on new projects) $45 an hour to do something a VA Staffer can do for much less? Strategic outsourcing is not only more efficient for getting tasks done, it forces the whole operation to think more strategically.

A very strategic way of delegating SEO tasks is to assign them to virtual assistants (like the team at VA Staffer). It is no secret that most people do not do SEO on their sites because it is tedious data entry. However, in order to have effective onsite SEO requirements met, these missions must get completed.

What is your opinion on strategic outsourcing? Please comment below.


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Jeff J Hunter

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