SEO Strategy For New Website Action 

May 1, 2015

By  Jeff J Hunter

Getting the right SEO strategy for new website builds is very important. Too many businesses start their website without this strategy in place. Once the site is built and in motion, it is more difficult (but not impossible) to get the website going on the correct path.

SEO for Content Review

The first article in this series (Keyword Strategy Battle Plans) takes the keywords from your keyword research and organizes the data. The whole point is to organize the data in such a way that the content can be constructed in a logical fashion around your keyword selection.

This part does take time, and yet this is the most important step that most businesses overlook. The level of competition out there demands that you step up your level of preparedness!

SEO Highways To Your Content

The second article in this series (Onsite SEO Step By Step) goes through the steps of what it takes to utilize SEO within your page/post to increase the overall authority of the website.

Online SEO creates the highways to your content. The more visible these highways are, the more people will travel on them. It is a good thing that you have done your keyword research to know which highways the Internet users are looking for explicitly.

There are a lot of steps in this process and companies like to slack off here (even SEO companies!) It is quite a lot of work to do, but the results are amazing. How can you expect to reap the harvest of happy customers if you are not planting the first seeds of intrigue? If you SEO it, they will come.

Greeting Your Customers

The next article is this series (Offline SEO Is The Way To Go) talks about what to do after your page/post has been published. After all of the work to do the SEO on the page, it is hard to think that there is more work to do.

The majority of your time should not be spent doing onsite SEO, but doing offline SEO. Sad but true. Think about this: If a store owner only put up advertisements but didn’t engage his customers, the store will fail. The same thing goes for having a business. You need to talk to people in your industry and your customers. There is no way getting around it. Running a business takes work – the good thing it that a large portion of this work can be delegated.

Oiling Up Your Money-Making Machine

The last article in the series covered keeping up with the changing times (SEO Maintenance Critical Steps). If your machine is not oiled, eventually it grinds to a halt. The same thing goes for your website. It must be maintained.

The biggest hurdle that you have is time when it comes to doing maintenance. Every time an update in made, it can break the whole site. Code is tricky, and although coders try their best, they cannot code for every possible combination of software used on your specific site.

Regardless, the website is there to be a way for you to make money. It should be an asset. If you are spending more money on your website then you get back, it is a liability – plain and simple. Maintain your website so that it is an avenue of 24/7 opportunities for you to make money.

SEO Content In A Nutshell

Create a content strategy, optimize your website, get out and talk with people, and maintain your equipment. These are simple steps that should become part of your business operations. Not taking care of these portions of your business will make the user experience a difficult as getting into a hard nut. You do not want this: Remove the shells, and give then the nut butter with a smile.

The next step is that once you have the content available, how do you turn that into making money. The next focus would be on how to get conversions.

But, before we jump ahead to conversions, let’s ding more into simple, strategic keyword hierarchy.

Now, the next step is to get conversions. If you were doing SEO for new website builds, what items would help getting customers to buy from you? Please comment below.


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Jeff J Hunter

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