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February 10, 2015

By  VA Staffer

The Office is Officially Launched and I’m Back in the US of A.

It has been an enlightening journey here to the Philippines to take our business to the next level. It was a tough decision made on Christmas day to not accept any new clients until we established our new office. The reasoning was to focus our team on our current clients to get our list of to-do’s down so we can actually work on VA Staffer development. As of today, we’re officially open to business – Personal Assistants for Hire as they say.

Shino and I created an email to send out to all client inquiries since last year and it had mixed responses. Since 100% of our business is referral based, the most frequent response was “I have so much I need taken off my plate, please tell me when you’re ready to accept new clients”, then there were a few that really needed help immediately, and as hard as it was to turn away business – I knew that long term it was the right decision so we could really build the team to the right calibur necessary to truly offer a top-notch level of support.

Personal Assistants for Hire: It was WORTH the Wait.

It turns out, it was the right decision – I guess you can think of it as when you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, that’s when all the others like you – it’s the same thing here. As soon as we shut the doors, there was just everyone and their uncle wanting to come on board. We’ve hired new virtual staffers here in our new Makati office, and it’s truly great to have a hands-on approach to training with the virtual assistant team. Day-One was communication, how to work with the project management tools, learning what we do, and a personal breakdown of each and every one of our clients so they have a good feel for their specific needs. There’s a wide variety of services required from our clients:

  • Data Entry
  • Social Media Management
  • Lead Generation / Finding Contact Information for Businesses
  • Translating Scanned Church Prayer Requests into a Database
  • WordPress Design & Graphic Design
  • List goes on… and on…. and on…. See More

Just to name a few of course… You can imagine that finding time to develop ourselves can be a challenge, and this was something I found to be of critical importance for the whole week and a half I was in the Philippines. I focused our team on learning how to create a higher value of content for social media using some great tools we invested in for 2015. One of my goals was to really walk-the-walk this year, we do a lot of great things for our clients, and it’s time to start doing it for ourselves so we can really have a proven model. As we grow in value, so does the value we add to our clients as a whole with the knowledge acquired.

The last 6 months, our Search Engine Optimization team here in the USA has been a critical part of the growth of VA Staffer, and the growth of our clients. We’ve been seeing constantly growing traffic to our site, and those we manage for our clients based on keyword positioning to get found in Google Organically. You might have noticed we completely re-did our website 2 weeks ago, and since doing so our Conversion Optimization has sky-rocketed to a 166% increase in conversion goals. I’ll be posting some more content about setting campaigns in Google Analytics along with setting Conversion Goals to find where people are going, and how it’s turning into people signing up for services. I’ve got 1 more week of information for a full month case-study, so the upcoming blog at the end of the month is going to be a whammy – I’ll send out an email when it’s ready to send your way with an analysis.

Ironically, we had over 20 requests to use our Virtual Assistant Team since I left the USA January 31st. I’ve already sorted through them and hand picked a few that are a really good pick and will be contacting them early next week when I’ve recovered from the craziness of 17 time zones and 20+ hours of flight time in the sky above the Pacific Ocean.

If you’re new to Virtual Assistants of VA Staffer and you’ve coming looking for Personal Assistants for Hire please feel free to reach out to us.


Our team can save you a ton of time and energy that can be better spent elsewhere. 

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VA Staffer
VA Staffer
VA Staffer offers professional, reliable and affordable Virtual Assistants to help your business grow. Let a Virtual Assistant handle your routine tasks like Advertising, Contact Management, Data Entry, Social Media Marketing, and other Administrative duties that are taking away from you focusing on your business growth.

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